lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

Ropa en 3d

para aquellos q alguna ves se pusieron y quisieron poner ropa en 3d dimensiones y les fue imposible aca les paso unos link de turbosquid, les aconsejo q si no tienen idea de 3d ni siquiera lo intenten, basicamente es tomar un modelo de persona (puede ser poser) y despues hacer una tizada igual q lo hariamos en tecno, y luego hacer una serie de pasos para q se haya tridimensional, pero es laborioso, ya bajar los archivos lo es, para aquellos q cursen conmigo tecno 1 me voy a poner las pilas y grabarles el dvd a quien quiera, bueno sin mas les dejo los links

Turbo Training: 3DS MAX Cloth Techniques by Beau Perschall
2,32 Gb (50 archives; RS links)
With the recent inclusion of the cloth tools (known as clothfx to many users) into the Autodesk Subscription Program for 3ds Max, more animators than ever have begun to look for training to help them get more out of the product than the basic tutorials provide.

This DVD training goes above and beyond normal flags and curtains cloth examples, and shows you how to create far more complex garments using the GarmentMaker modifier, as well as giving you an arsenal of information that will help you be more productive in less time.

Topics covered in this 3 hour module include: understanding how cloth reads the modifier stack, GarmentMaker techniques, multi-layered clothing, bias-cut cloth, pleats and creases, animated constraints and plenty of helpful tips and tricks to enhance your workflow. Below is the tutorial listing:

1. Introduction
2. Set up for Cloth
3. GarmentMaker Tips
4. Tailoring Cloth
5. Money Bag Example
6. Modelled Cloth Tips
7. Biased Cloth Basics
8. Biased Cloth Example
9. Pleats/Seams Basics
10. Pleats Example
11. Group Contraints
12. Layered Cloth Basics
13. Layered Cloth Example
14. Intersect/WrapIt

As a special bonus, Size8 Software has provided two freeware plug-ins with this DVD: Intersect and WrapIt that can be used to diagnose your cloth sims and help you even more.

Download from Rapidshare

Password: YeYo4NigMae

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Muchas gracias, tutoriales como este no abundan.